We offer two Grooming Packages for Cats


Mini Groom (1-2 hours)

Our Mini Groom package gently removes dead-hair and is followed by a John Paul Pet Waterless Foam Shampoo, a nail trim, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.


Full Groom (2-3 hours)

Our Full Groom for cats offers everything your cat needs to look purrrfect! This includes dead-hair removal, a wet conditioning bath using John Paul or application of Pet Head Waterless Foam Shampoo, a nail trim, an ear cleanse, a custom coat styling by a Pet Barber stylist and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

Please be aware that pets must be fully VACCINATED. Any pre-existing health conditions associated with your pet must be brought to our attention at the time of appointment. The Pet Barber is not responsible for any loss or damage sustained to pets as a result of conditions not brought to our attention. Regrettably we are unable to treat Cats younger than 6 months.

Grooming Packages

Kitty’s are sensitive creatures. We strictly ensure that Cats are only booked into sessions where there are NO dogs, in order to reduce stress. Your kitty’s comfort is assured in our tranquil atmosphere, enhanced with mineral water available at all times. We also offer complimentary Royal Canine cat food and LintBell nutrition treatments (owner permission sought first) for your ball of fluff.

First time customers will be entitled to 10% off on their first treatment when paying. Click Prices to Book your fluff’s appointment!





All Breeds*

Long or short hair

Full Groom


* Additional charges are made for:

  • Collection and Delivery. R120. Charges may also be levied for late pickup of your pet.

  • Hand stripping or de-matting of your cat’s coat. Charged at R50 per hour. This normally requires 30 – 60 minutes to carry out.