Frequently Asked Questions


Can I stay with my Pet?

We would prefer being left to get on with the job, but you are welcome to stay. Having an owner around can over-excite your pet, and so lengthen the time required to complete the grooming process. However, if you have a nervous pet, it would calm the pet having you around.

How long do the sessions take?

Depends on the service being provided but please allow approximately 2 – 3 hours. In general 1.5 hours.

Will my pet be safe?

Yes, we carry restraints and never leave the pet unattended.

Can you cope with large breeds or heavy dogs?

At the time of booking we ask for information on the breed of dog. A helper is always available to assist with a large dog. 

Can you deal with aggressive or difficult Pets?

Occasionally we come across a pet (generally dogs) that dislike handling or standing for a period of time. In these instances some pets can become anxious or aggressive. Accordingly, we carry muzzles to protect the pet from causing damage to the groomer. These occasions are rare and only one pet is groomed at a time in the salon, thus reducing stress. However, if an animal is too aggressive or simply very unhappy about being groomed, we will discontinue the grooming and will return it to the owner.

Do you provide Pickup and Return service?

Yes, we do and take great care of your loved ones. The fee charged for pickup and return only, is R300, regardless of animal breed or size. We only cover Bryanston, Fourways and Randburg areas at present.

When should my Pet be groomed?

Depends on the growth-rate of the coat, but in general every 6 weeks.

Do you use fresh towels for each pet?


Do you disinfect after each pet?


Do you treat for fleas?

Yes, but only at your specific request. We have available a preventative, anti-flea shampoo which reduces inflammation from bites and the scratching that goes with them. We can also apply flea repellent drops post-groom to prevent re-infestation.

What shampoo and grooming products do you use?

If your pet has a skin condition and a prescription shampoo, please provide this for us to use. We use only superior products that are made from natural ingredients, tearless, hypoallergenic and tested to the highest standards. We also carry medicated, moisture-rich and deodorising shampoos and conditioners at all times. As a precautionary measure, we only apply cologne or perfumed grooming spray if requested.